The War-Peace Establishment by Arthur Herzog III

By Arthur Herzog III

An early assessment of the innovations of the army intellectuals, from greatest to minimal deterrence. the writer selected minimal, latest American stance.

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He has, I thought, an appealing face, with dark, somber eyes, impressive lines and tragicomic, bushy eyebrows. He led me into a large living room, barrenly furnished, Victorian in its dark woodwork, in which a grand piano stood conspicuous, and I recalled reading that he loved music, would play for hours on end and he said that the piano was the only possession he really likes. Teller introduced me to his wife Mici, drinks were served and we sat down. Teller said at once that he had to know where I stood on the spectrum of war-peace issues, such as the test-ban treaty.

One of the syllogisms of the war-peace establishment is that those who are most concerned with the Soviet Union want the strongest kind of Europe as a counterweight, one that will eventually succeed in drawing the countries of Eastern Europe into its orbit. Such a view is Strausz-Hupé’s, who advocates a Europe armed with thermonuclear weapons and federated with the United States. S. and he believes that Europe, not just France and England, will inevitably be armed with its own nuclear weapons. Early in the Kennedy administration Kissinger was a leading foreign policy adviser tot he National Security Council with an office in the White House and access to President Kennedy.

My motives? They are exceedingly simple and straightforward. I want to survive and I want my children to survive. Forgive me. ” He looked suddenly done in. Mrs. Teller led me to the door. As I left, I glanced back. Teller remained motionless in his chair, his head bent, his face fatigued and shadowed. ” I continued on my way. 25 II The Analysts EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR DURING THE DAY AND FAR INTO THE evening on business days the planes of the air-shuttle service fly between Boston, New York and Washington, and the shuttle has become the Via Appia for those who come to offer advice and counsel to the government of the United States.

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