The Republicans: From Lincoln to Bush by Robert Rutland

By Robert Rutland

The Republican occasion has regularly been interesting to those that join its rules, in addition to to those that take an alternate stand at the matters. within the Republicans: From Lincoln to Bush, Robert Allen Rutland has introduced a transparent and concise realizing of this political social gathering to the final reader. The publication is a lucid and fast moving assessment of the Republican celebration from its beginnings within the 1850s during the 1994 congressional elections, which observed the Democratic domination of the home and Senate come to an abrupt finish. In a crisp, hugely readable kind, Rutland starts off via explaining how the "obnoxious" Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 overturned the Missouri Compromise, infected the North, and brought on the cave in of the Whig and American events. the end result was once the start of the Republican social gathering, whose goal used to be to oppose the Democrats and forestall the unfold of slavery. Abraham Lincoln used to be elected the 1st Republican president in 1860. The Republicans means that an important shift in vote casting energy happened two times throughout the 20th century, first within the New Deal years, and back after 1968 while the GOP made an attract southern electorate and eventually took regulate of the world that had formerly been ruled via the Democrats. With the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan because the 40th president of the U.S., the Republicans won aid from many first-time citizens, middle-class whites, and hard work unions-- teams now not formerly anticipated to vote Republican. within the spouse quantity, The Democrats: From Jefferson to Clinton, Rutland offers a decent and simple review of the strengths and weaknesses of Democratic presidents. right here he offers an evenhanded examine the great and not-so-good Republicans. by means of skillfully utilizing tales and anecdotes from numerous administrations to liven up this narrative of political heritage, Rutland supplies Republicans and Democrats alike a deeper appreciation for the two-party system. 

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The Republicans: From Lincoln to Bush

The Republican social gathering has constantly been interesting to those that join its rules, in addition to to those that take another stand at the matters. within the Republicans: From Lincoln to Bush, Robert Allen Rutland has introduced a transparent and concise knowing of this political social gathering to the overall reader.

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My research has made me admire Lincoln tenfold, made me realize how historic currents can take control of a man or a party, and forced me to acknowledge the cyclical nature of American political popularity. If I have done my work properly, readers will understand that political parties are created to exert power and lead the nation in a particular direction. Our pluralistic society is the envy of decent men and women the world over; a large segment of the globe is Page x still dominated by forces that prefer bullets to ballots.

With only proslavery men voting, only 2,200 out of 9,000 eligible voters cast ballots, and they elected delegates who were ready to write a constitution that would permit slavery in the new state. The election was legal but farcical. The new governor tried to be fair and succeeded only in alienating the free-staters (still not firm Republicans) and southerners who thought he was bending too far backward to accommodate pro-northerner elements. In his inaugural address, Walker had intimated that geography was hostile to the notion of slavery in Kansas and suggested that proslavery forces might move their sights down to the Indian Territory, where slavery already was practiced among the Five Civilized Tribes living there.

Most offended, perhaps, was Senator Stephen Douglas, who was fair-minded (and profit-minded) enough to favor a western railroad with an eastern terminus in Chicago. Page 22 In short, there was much on the country's mind besides the Scott decision and Kansas. But at the nation's capital there was a sectional tilt to nearly every piece of legislation that dealt with commerce, transportation, banking, or national defense. Jefferson Davis, Pierce's hardworking secretary of war, was typical of the cabinet officers appointed after 1850.

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