The Patriot Act (Introducing Issues With Opposing by Lauri S. Friedman

By Lauri S. Friedman

What's the Patriot Act? How does it have an effect on the lives of american citizens? scholars will learn perspective decisions that discover a number of the controversies surrounding the Patriot Act. version essays, sidebar notes and guided workouts then supply scholars with instruments to jot down their very own expository essays at the Patriot Act.

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The wall had some very negative realworld consequences. Former DeAST ACT partment of Justice official Victoria Toensing tells of one: In the 1980s In 2005 the Department of Homeland Security [June 1985], terrorists hijacked an reported that the airplane, TWA Flight 847, which Secret Service arrested eventually landed in Lebanon. At 28 people in 8 states the time that negotiations were and 6 countries who were ongoing, the FBI had the capacinvolved in an interity to intercept communications national Internet crime between the hijackers on the plane operation.

Copyright The American Spectator © 2003. Reproduced by permission. 32 The Patriot Act AS YOU READ, CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: 1. What pre–Patriot Act laws did the September 11, 2001, terrorists break, according to Barr? 2. What happened as a result of Congress not wanting to look soft on terrorism, in Barr’s opinion? 3. What excuse did the September 11 attacks provide lawmakers with, according to Barr? T he USA Patriot Act of 2001 and the proposed Son of Patriot Act,1 [is] now [2003] debated in the Congress at the request of the Bush administration.

We need more money. ” But not wishing to appear soft on terrorism, the Congress—not surprisingly—gave them very nearly AST ACT whatever they asked for. And what they asked for definitely According to a 2004 poll was not narrowly tailored, limited, or by legal publishing firm designed only to correct those specific Thomas Wadsworth, 75 percent of Americans provisions of existing laws that needbelieved that the Patriot ed to be tweaked. What the bureauAct was unnecessary, saycrats sought—and largely got—were ing that the United States far-reaching powers that applied not already had laws that just to antiterrorism needs but to virwould protect it tually all federal criminal laws.

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