J.R.Capablanca. Games 1888-1925 by Egon Varnusz

By Egon Varnusz

Книга J.R.Capablanca. quantity 1. video games 1888-1925 J.R.Capablanca. quantity 1. video games 1888-1925 Книги Туризм. Фото. Спорт Автор: Egon Varnusz Год издания: 1997 Формат: djvu Страниц: 161 Размер: 3,55 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Книга венгерского мастерав двух томах о третьем чемпионе мира. Том 1.Турнирные результаты и партии 1888-1925 гг. Часть партий прокомментирована.

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1 For the Futurist artists, the beauty of speed, experienced in race cars as well as in the progress of technical developments, was one of the essential signs of their time. The new experience of speed was crucial in the glorification of the future. Progress was not only a myth, but a bodily and spiritual reality. The manifest of the Futurists – who also praised the visions of a fascist world society – was not only a marginal statement by artists, but it was, as we know, a fully representative expression of the soul of the early twentieth century and its glorification of technical, social and cultural progress and acceleration.

Bergmann, Geist, der Natur befreit: Die trinitarische Kosmologie Gregors von Nazianz im Horizont einer ökologischen Theologie der Befreiung (Mainz: Grünewald 1995), 155f. (This section is not edited in the book’s English edition, Creation Set Free, 2005). 9 Cf. S. , and 204ff. (The English translator of the German edition has chosen to translate ‘Bewegung’ as ‘movement’), while I here use ‘movement’ and ‘motion’ synonomously and regard ‘mobility’ as a sub-category of ‘motion’, aiming at technically constructed and socioculturally construed motion.

20 The Ethics of Mobilities To be in motion and to move are an essential part of being human. This insight sounds simple, but it represents one of the basic cultural elements in our civilisation, where Greek philosophy after Aristotle had built its world view on the belief of ‘the unmoved mover’ or ‘that what moves itself’ (το αυτο ‘εαυτον κινου),8 which is in fact the same Greek term we now use for ‘automobility’. In late antiquity, however, Christian theologians in the fourth century revised the category of motion by changing its negative into positive connotations, where the triune God him/herself and the whole of creation were interpreted as a being-inmotion.

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