Applied Adhesive Bonding: A Practical Guide for Flawless by Gerd Habenicht

By Gerd Habenicht

This handbook presents an important details on winning bonding. a variety of sensible advices and necessary information are priceless for the dealing with of adhesives. because of its didactically based content material, the ebook can also function a medium for education classes in bonding engineering. the fundamentals of this cutting edge becoming a member of technique are defined in a pragmatic and simply comprehensible manner appropriate for the appliance in alternate and undefined.

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As far as their mechanical properties are concerned, they can compete with metal materials, for example, in car manufacturing, boat building and aircraft construction. 2 Polyurethane (PUR) Adhesives The PUR (or PU) adhesives also cure according to the described mechanism of polyaddition. The reactive group at the molecules of resin component A has the following chemical structure and is called an “isocyanate group”: It is a property of this isocyanate group to react with compounds in which the reactive group, the so-called hydroxide group exists.

4). So, one-component systems, for example for aircraft construction, are preferably produced as adhesive films, which have to be stored at low temperatures (up to approximately −20 °C). When they are cut to the dimensions of the adherends (compounding) and the adherends are fixed, they will be cured at high temperatures (approximately 140–160 °C). 3 Reactive Epoxy Resin Hot-Melt Adhesives These at room temperature plastic/hard one-component systems are usually processed in adhesive melting drum installations.

On a polyamide basis). • Due to the limited open assembly time, large area bondings are only possible on a restricted basis. Special hot-melt adhesives are available for the bonding of larger surfaces for industrial purposes, and especially adjusted applicators are utilized (spray application). • Beware of burns – in liquid state, melts have temperatures of the order of 200 °C. 2 Solvent-Based Adhesives Solvent-based adhesives are adhesives with polymers dissolved or pasted in organic solvents.

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