Angels in the Machinery: Gender in American Party Politics by Rebecca Edwards

By Rebecca Edwards

Angels within the equipment deals a sweeping research of the centrality of gender to politics within the usa from the times of the Whigs to the early 20th century. writer Rebecca Edwards indicates that ladies within the U.S. participated actively and influentially as Republicans, Democrats, and leaders of third-party activities like Prohibitionism and Populism--decades ahead of they received the correct to vote--and within the technique controlled to rework endlessly the ideology of yankee get together politics. utilizing cartoons, speeches, celebration systems, information bills, and crusade memorabilia, she deals a compelling rationalization of why kin values, women's political actions, or even applicants' intercourse lives stay hot-button matters in politics to today.

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Republican men often used marital fidelity as a larger metaphor for their devotion to the party. In a speech to young men, James Garfield proclaimed that "twenty-five years ago the Republican Party was married to liberty, and this is our silver wedding, fellow-citizens. "73 Implicit in such appeals was the hope that boys would end their political virginity through marriage to Republicanism. Democratic men, by contrast, rarely implied that first voters were virgins. Nor did they associate straight-ticket loyalty with male marital fidelity, which was not on the list of virtues they endorsed on the stump.

47 Hancock's wife and children were virtually invisible in these biographies, which celebrated the candidate's heroism in the Mexican and Civil Wars. Almira Russell Hancock remained publicly faceless; campaign biographies printed dozens of military portraits and battle scenes, but almost no sketches of the Hancock family. One poet summed up his party's praise with this dubious tribute: In the days when MANHOOD rose, Answering unto FREEDOM'S throes; And the womb of Freedom yielded UNION with her Stars enshielded; In the days when MEN were MEN— Sword with sword, and pen with pen, .

21 The rise of Republicanism focused Democrats' attention most closely, though, on the religious and moral dimensions of male freedom. Events of the 2O ANGELS IN THE M A C H I N E R Y early 18505 were already worrisome; Maine's passage of a stiff anti-liquor law in 1851 seemed to many Democrats an ominous sign. Before the Republicans, several other parties appeared fleetingly in the Northeast and Midwest to advocate prohibition of liquor, anti-Catholic legislation, and measures to prevent the spread of slavery.

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