Analyzing Marxism: new essays on analytical Marxism by Robert Ware

By Robert Ware

Issues coated comprise analytical Marxism, technique, exploitation, and materialism. Contents: advent; what's a Marxist Today?; what's residing and what's lifeless in Marxism?; Analytical Marxism and Morality; easy methods to Make No feel of Marx; Elster, Marx and technique; Marxism and well known Politics: The Microfoundations of sophistication clash; group, culture, and the sixth Thesis on Feuerbach; Methodological Individualism, mental Individualism and the security of cause; moment recommendations on estate relatives and Exploitation; John Roemer's fiscal Philosophy and the Perils of Formalism; at the Exploitation of Cotton, Corn and hard work; an alternative choice to 'Distributive' Marxism: extra concepts on Roemer, Cohen, and Exploitation; Roemer vs. Marx; may still someone have an interest in Exploitation?; Exploitation and Equality: Labour strength as a Non-Commodity; Marxism, Materialism and ancient development; Ruling rules; Rationality and Alienation; In Defence of Abundance; Afterword.

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Zimmerman, Rolf, `Making Sense of Human Liberation: Jon Elster, Analytical Marxism and Socialist Perspectives,' Praxis International 6, 4 (1987), 488-502. General Bibliography Arthur, John and William H. , Justice and Economic Distribution (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall 1978). , After Marx (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1984). , Capitalist Collective Action (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1989). Burawoy, Michael, `Marxism without Micro-Foundations,' Socialist Review 19, 2 (1989), 53-85.

It can be agreed that we can enrich our understanding by knowing the mechanisms, but it does not follow that they are only individuals or even in any way micro-mechanisms (pace Roemer, 1981, 7f and Elster, 1985, 5, but in accord with much of his explanatory practice). To know how something happens is not necessarily to know what happens with the atomic parts. That is true only if reduction is established, but it is implausible that social theory can be reduced to individual psychology. As we know from other sciences, enriching a science usually does not involve ontological reduction and often cannot be done by giving atomistic laws.

The differences of approach can be seen clearly in the early self-descriptions of the leading contributors. A. Cohen was clear that Page 3 he was working within the constraint of `those standards of clarity and rigour which distinguish twentieth-century analytical philosophy' (Cohen, 1978, ix) and it is Elster's assessment that Cohen did this admirably (Elster, 1985, xiv). In a similar vein, Richard Miller tries to show that `Marx should be a classic for modern philosophy, including analytic philosophy' and correspondingly that `the tradition of detailed, abstract and imaginative analysis in English-speaking philosophy has an enormous contribution to make to Marxist social theory' (Miller, 1984, 4 and 6; see also Miller, 1983).

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