Air power and maneuver warfare by Martin van Creveld, Kenneth S Brower, Steven L Canby, Air

By Martin van Creveld, Kenneth S Brower, Steven L Canby, Air University Press

268 pages - Manneuver war in motion - Germany - Russia - images - Israel - Air energy in Nineties

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Out of these, 539 were lost during the first six days of operations. Exploiting their command of the air, the Germans next made innovative use of air power in support of their operativ 44 EARLY GERMAN CAMPAIGNS ground offensive . The possibilities of airborne warfare had been much discussed during the interwar period and experiments had been conducted by the Soviet, Italian, and German air forces among others. However, when hostilities broke out, it was only the Germans who had the necessary troops and equipment in place and who had worked out the appropriate organization .

Not only did the Luftwaffe possess a total of 117 motorized supply columns, but Richthofen's command alone had 11 mobile airfield-construction companies attached to it. 4 ° In short, each Luftflotte was a well-rounded, balanced air force, complete in itself and capable of undertaking every sort of mission. As Germany became subject to intensive air attack later in the war, this organization came into question. Attempts were made to remodel the Luftwaffe on the British pattern with separate commands for fighters and bombers ; by then, however, the days of operativ warfare were long over.

Besides reconnaissance and artillery observation, it included both bombing and strafing. Mittelbare Unterstuetzung carried connotations of maneuver, leverage, and choke points . 23 All this was very much in line with Clausewitz, Moltke, Schlieffen, and even the rather less well-developed ideas of Seeckt. 24 On the other hand, it rejected both those who envisaged modern war as a "total" struggle of attrition 28 EARLY GERMAN CAMPAIGNS between entire social systems and the more rabid advocates of strategic air power who hoped that aircraft would be able to win wars all on their own.

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