Agricultural and Synthetic Polymers.. Biodegradability and by Glass J.E., Swift G.

By Glass J.E., Swift G.

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To minimize rebound, surfaces can be made tacky. Agglomeration is another concern in that it broadens the size distribution and the collected mass on any impactor stage. The mass of the agglomerate will determine its collection efficiency, and agglomerates will be collected as if they were large particles. Upon impact however, they may mechanically disperse into their smaller components on the collection surface. The mass loading of any stage influences the collection efficiency and impactors are used with low concentrations of particles in gas and are operated for short sampling times.

5). 29) The largest concavity is Robustness is correlated to the elongation. 5 particle. 31) where ρi is the curvature radius of the corner i and N is the number of corners. Application of Fourier Analysis: The Fourier Descriptor The morphology of a particle can be expressed by the Fourier descriptor. , j ϭ Ϫ1. 6 Surface structure and roundness. indd 40 12/1/2005 1:03:07 PM Particle Shape Characterization 41 The composite values of the Fourier coefficients and their statistical values are referred to as the Fourier descriptor, also.

Df ) (Q ) Da (Q Q Q) r( C. G. 1 function. indd 35 12/1/2005 1:03:05 PM 36 Powder Technology Handbook 2. Mesoscopic descriptor, expressing details of form and profile outline and defining space filling feature (or bulkiness), concavity, and robustness of the particle. 3. Microscopic descriptor, expressing surface structure and texture, giving roundness and fractal dimension of the image. The Fourier descriptors of higher order also express surface properties. Macroscopic Descriptors The definition and classification of shape descriptors expressing macroscopic shape properties are calculated from macroscopic geometrical features such as representative diameter, axis lengths, thickness, and so on.

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