Aerothermodynamics of Aircraft Engine Components (Pandora by Gordon C. Oates

By Gordon C. Oates

Layout and R&D engineers and scholars will worth the excellent, meticulous insurance during this quantity. starting with the fundamental ideas and ideas of aeropropulsion combustion, chapters discover particular strategies, obstacles, and analytical equipment as they endure on part layout.

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14). 2 Turbulent Flame Theories (from Ref. 13) Investigator Relationships Damkohler TM Conclusions ST is independent of turbulence scale. At high velocities, S r is S r = SL + u' At high velocities, this approaches determined solely by turbulent velocity. S T = u' Shchelkin15 S T = SL[1 + ( u ' / S L ) 2 ] °'~ In agreement with Damkohler. 16 S r is independent of turbulence scale. Laminar flame speed is most important parameter. S r = SL + U' For strong turbulence, S T = St. + ( 2 S l U ' ) °5 where u'=&(#"-l) Scurlock and Grover 17 S T = SL[1 + C 3 ( y / l ) 2 ] °5 S T is dependent on laminar flame where ~ is dependent on approach speed and turbulence scale.

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