Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering by Qi Luo

By Qi Luo

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4 The netted structure used for self-facing and the aluminum perforated panel Fig. 5 Sketch of the palm date fibers sample and the PP inside the impedance tube Results and Discussion Sound absorption of the uncovered sample (UC), self-facing natural date palm fibers and facing using PP aluminum plate has been investigated. The experimental results for the three cases are shown in Fig. 6. The results show a good improvement in the sound absorption for the self-facing panel for the whole frequency range.

Photo of the system is shown in Fig. 3. Noise generator transmitted a random noise into the tubes. Interior sound pressure spectrum was measured by the two microphones and transfer functions between them were calculated. The acoustical absorption coefficient was calculated from these transfer functions and distances between the microphones and date palm fiber sample. The frequency span of experiment was 100–5000 Hz with 3 Hz resolution. The frequency range for the 100 mm diameter tube is up to 1000 Hz and for the 28 mm diameter tube is above 1000 Hz.

The sample was then faced with the originally date palm fiber netted structure. The results show a good improvement in the sound absorption for the self-facing panel for the whole frequency range. However, when using the aluminum perforated panel an improvement in the sound absorption was observed only above 2500 Hz. The effect of introducing air gap thickness was studied. The results show improvement for the sound absorption the low frequency. Introduction Vegetable fiber is one of the varieties of natural fibersobtained from stems, leaves, roots, fruits and seeds ofplants.

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