Advanced Textiles for Wound Care (Woodhead Publishing in by Subbiyan Rajendran

By Subbiyan Rajendran

This assortment offers a close assessment of the way textiles are included into wound care purposes, explaining the significance and suitability of utilizing textiles on assorted wound forms. It introduces wound care and covers wound administration and the significance of laboratory checking out relating to wound care. It comprehensively reports the several fabric dressings to be had, wet may administration, and bioactive dressings to advertise therapeutic. The concluding chapters describe how complicated textiles, reminiscent of shrewdpermanent temperature managed textiles and composites, can be utilized for wound care items. the ultimate bankruptcy supplies an enticing perception into using fibrous scaffolds for tissue engineering.

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The liquid in the receiver is covered with a layer of oil to prevent loss by evaporation. The balance is connected to an electronic data capture device that records changes in the balance reading at predetermined intervals throughout the period of the test. A dressing sample typically measuring 10 cm × 10 cm is secured on to the test plate which is set to a predetermined temperature. Test fluid applied to the test rig passes along the open channel some or all of which will be taken up by the dressing.

4 Dynamic MVTR The fluid handling and moisture vapour transmission methods described previously, provide a single value for the amount of fluid which is lost through the back of the dressing during the test period. Whilst this may be suitable for fi lm dressings, the permeability of which remain relatively consistent throughout the test period, the test has serious limitations for products such as hydrocolloids in which the permeability of the dressing changes with time as the adhesive mass on the wound contact surface gradually becomes hydrated.

Test systems are therefore required to compare these different dressings under varying levels of pressure in simulated clinical conditions. Over the years, numerous methods for measuring the absorbency of wound dressings have been described, most of which consist of variations on a common theme. The dressing under examination is placed on a simple wound model, which usually consists of a metal or acrylic plate with a small hole or depression in the centre. A weight is then applied to the back of the dressing to simulate the pressure applied by a bandage and test fluid is applied to the dressing through the plate by means of a peristaltic pump or syringe driver.

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