Advanced Techniques for Clearance of Flight Control Laws by Chris Fielding, Andras Varga, Samir Bennani, Michiel Selier

By Chris Fielding, Andras Varga, Samir Bennani, Michiel Selier

In this publication fresh result of the GARTEUR (Group for Aeronautical learn and know-how in Europe) motion workforce FM (AG11) are provided.
The publication makes a speciality of research concepts for the flight clearance of hugely augmented aircrafts, together with contributions of 20 ecu aeronautical organizations comparable to nationwide examine facilities, Aerospace Industries and Universities. The projects and requisites of the economic Clearance method for Flight keep watch over legislation are awarded in addition to classical and especially new research tools. the several tools are evaluated and in comparison and their power program to Civil plane is demonstrated.

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Tracking and gross manoeuvring Pilot opinion is required whether aircraft response is adequate. Steady heading sideslip It shall be possible to maintain constant heading without difficulty when applying up to full pedal. Application should be made in a progressive manner. Take-off and landing It should be possible to take-off and land the aircraft safely and without undue pilot workload for all combinations of uncertainties. This must be demonstrated for dry and wet runways, with and without crosswinds (up to 30kts dry) for calm and turbulent weather (moderate and severe turbulence).

It has been pointed out that new methods and tools are needed which could help to reduce the computational effort and/or give a guarantee for the detection of the worst case results with respect to variabilities and uncertainties. References 1. Military Specification of Flight Control Systems - Design, Installation and Test of Piloted Aircraft MIL-F-9490D (USAF), 6 June 1975 2. Military Specification of Flying Qualities of Piloted Airplanes MIL-F-8785C Department of Defense, USA, November 1980 3.

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