Advanced Fiber Spinning Technology by Toshi Takajima

By Toshi Takajima

One of the most fascinating advancements of the previous few a long time within the box of fiber construction were the results of in depth research in jap and examine institutes. This publication was once initially released in eastern by means of the Society of Fiber technological know-how and know-how, Japan, so as to current an intensive medical and technological assessment of advances in fiber creation, and is now released in English. as well as delivering an in depth assessment of modern breakthroughs in fiber spinning know-how, this renowned booklet illustrates how R&D pays

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Coats. Characteristics: Soft and bulky, good drape, powdery feel. 35 Appendix 243 SHANDEL (Toyobo) Main technology: Uniformly dispersed fine ceramics. Thick and thin yarn (controlled irregularity). Examples of final products: Dresses. Blouses. Characteristics: Lively resilience with good drape, natural unevenness, light. 35 244 Advanced fiber spinning technology BONANZA (Mitsubishi Rayon) Main technology: Multi-layered composite yarn. Copolymer. Controlled molecular orientation (crystallization).

Hollow fiber. Examples of final products: Dresses. Blouses. Characteristics: Lively resilience, dry touch, full dull luster. ROSAllY (Toyobo) Main technology: Special texturing. Mixed filaments of coarse deniers. Examples of final products: Suits. Pants. Characteristics: Soft and dry powdery touch, characteristic surface appearance, moderate resilience and bulk. 35 Appendix 241 GEENA (Toyobo) Main technology: Shape memory effect by molecular alignment technique at finishing. Mixed filaments. Special fabrication and finishing.

4), - V. 11 ] where K = Kc / (p Cp ) is the thermal diffusivity. V. 5 Conservation of matter The following equation is derived on the basis of the balance of the matter which flows into the volume element as shown in Fig. 2. 6 Conservation of momentum Based on the balance of the momentum which flows into the volume element (Fig. 2). 14] where P is the pressure, in a normal sense, of isotropic fluid, p the excess stress tensor and g the acceleration of gravity. 15] Under the assumption of non-compressibility, P has no physical meaning, but will be determined by the boundary condition.

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