A Prisoner Of The Reds by Francis McCullagh

By Francis McCullagh

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Beyond the Moongate. True Stories of 1920s China

MOONGATES DOTTED THE panorama OF previous CHINA. old chinese language architects had sculpted stone piled on sculpted stone to shape around doors, with the non secular symbolism of the whole moon. To step via the sort of doors was once to step right into a international of peace and happiness. .. .And so it was once within the Twenties that the Lee King relatives - father, mom, and 6 teenagers, elderly ten months to seven years - traveled from their domestic in Canada, around the Pacific Ocean, to inland China.

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A young clerk whom I employed and whom I had sent on in General Knox's train, placed his wife in a Russian train which was afterwards captured . An English sergeant who had married a Russian lady placed her aboard a train which got through, but he himself was captured . All the stations along the line were covered with the most pathetic little pencilled notices regarding these lost ones . The following specimens will give an idea of what they were like " Dear Ivan i am going to stay at Andy's house in Irkutsk join ME there the children are with me but we have no food .

Semenov, now the most prominent Imperialist in Eastern Siberia, is also married, but nevertheless flaunts a Jewish concubine whom he picked up in a Harbin cafe-chantant and whom he proudly presents to the highest foreign officials . Kalmykov has managed to introduce obscenity into nearly all his military orders . In short, Russia is fast COLLAPSE OF MORALITY 37 losing every vestige of Christianity and civilization ; and this remark applies not only to Red Russia but to White . Red Russia is probably the better of the two, for it never pretended to be very prudish, whereas White Russia posed as the champion of Christianity .

He had died of typhus in the train, and his body had been stripped by the White soldiers . His wife, who was also ill, had become so seriously upset by this treatment of her husband's corpse that, in order to soothe her, another lady, the only friend she had left, had by superhuman exertions succeeded in getting a most primitive coffin and in having the remains conveyed for Christian burial to the church . This lady asked me to help her to carry the coffin to the hearse that waited outside, as there were not enough men present to do so, and I gladly consented .

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