A Garland of Views by Padmasambhava & Jamgon Mipham

By Padmasambhava & Jamgon Mipham

A Garland of perspectives provides either a concise statement by way of the eighth-century Indian Buddhist grasp Padmasambhava on a bankruptcy from the Guhyagarbha Tantra at the various Buddhist and non-Buddhist philosophical perspectives, together with the nice Perfection (Dzogchen), and an explicative statement on Padmasambhava’s textual content by means of the nineteenth-century student Jamgön Mipham (1846–1912).

Padmasambhava’s textual content is a middle textual content of the Nyingma culture since it offers the foundation for the procedure of 9 cars (three sutra cars and 6 tantra autos) that thus grew to become the approved means of classifying the several Buddhist paths within the Nyingma tradition.

Mipham’s statement is the single most ordinarily used to give an explanation for Padmasambhava’s educating. Mipham is widely known for his prolific, lucid, and unique writings on many topics, together with technological know-how, drugs, and philosophy, as well as Tibetan Buddhist perform and idea.

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In it, Guru Rinpoche gives an account of the different views held by the various Buddhist schools and by non-Buddhists. If we wish to attain awakening or buddhahood, adopting the right view is crucial to the practice of the path, for as Mipham Rinpoche has pointed out, it is necessary for us to see properly if our feet are to take us in the right direction. It is by gaining a knowledge of the different views that we can know which views should be rejected and which views will most benefit us in our progress on the spiritual path that leads to our becoming a buddha.

Approach” refers to knowledge of bodhicitta. This is the understanding that phenomena are naturally the enlightened state from the very beginning and are not made so by the path or contrived as such by means of antidotes. “Close approach” refers to the knowledge that we are ourselves the deity. This is the understanding that since all phenomena are, by nature, the enlightened state from the beginning, we too have been the deity, by nature, from the beginning; it is not something that we are accomplishing only now.

This does not mean, however, that compassion does not arise for those who fail to understand. And to the extent that, as far as one’s view is concerned, one has realized primordial perfect purity, one’s spiritual training and yogic discipline will also be perfectly pure. Like those born blind who spontaneously gain their sight, If there are superior beings Who hold the power of wisdom and skillful means, May they encounter this secret Garland of Views. This completes the pith instruction entitled A Garland of Views.

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