A Fucked Up Life In Books by BookCunt

By BookCunt

The main fucked up memoir you’ll ever read.

A foul-mouthed memoir a few dysfunctional life.

Each bankruptcy recounts a key second within the author’s existence throughout the books she was once analyzing on the time including:

• Howard’s finish, the one textual content she had learn while undertaking sexual intercourse.
• the key Diary of Adrian Mole, which she had in her bag whereas on vacation in Tangier while a industry dealer provided her to shop for her from her mom for 30 camels.
• Angela’s Ashes, her selected interpreting fabric in the course of her breast relief surgery.
• Wild Swans, the e-book she learn the day she made up our minds to don't have anything extra to do along with her mother.

It is humorous, it truly is surprising, it's heartbreaking, it's very impolite and it's completely unforgettable.

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23 ................. 17510$ $CH1 09-16-09 10:24:13 PS PAGE 23 XVIII She crosses the oval square, theater in a shell, golden reflections on green damask, bodies find their nature again, bath of red clay, at the edge of the fountain, the hot water burns, the oratorio, in its last movement, gives rhythm to the exchange of elixirs, bodies fallen into the Name, die before dying, enter into the shadow of the All-Power, then return to life, scarlet faces, blood and breath spin quickly in the body, at dawn, the youth wears his silk vestment, corundum intaglios, robe like evening, at the sapphire hour, tents raised, we get ready to leave, nocturnal voyage, stars trace the path, in the shelter of the region of day, in the excess of senses, not being able to move, drooling, eyes bulging, gone out of myself, seeing me other, in the spectacle of calm pain, no one dares come near, beyond the principle, which demands to be kept in, vertigo in the heart, how to face her, her eyes snarl an authoritarian music, the sonorous attraction of the planets crushes my ears, I drink her in, I am so thirsty, vessel without steering, that the waves toss, right yourself, be master of your body, 24 .................

20 ................. 17510$ $CH1 09-16-09 10:24:12 PS PAGE 20 XVI Black day, rain beats on the windowpane, the weeping angels come to you, they sing the glory of the absent one, wave after wave, the inspiration inside overwhelms me, and I cannot repeat what I hear, the jealous voice stops at the threshold of speech, the angel musicians blow into their long trumpets, and chase the rain, you go through the clouds, balls of cotton, and you find the sun again, above the metallic vault, lunar soil, depending on the pressure, the cabin vibrates, and straightens out its long quills and remiges, the angels’ music pierces through the steel jet engines, from the porthole, putti aim at me, blond curls, their tears stream down, the soul forms in them, unstable, into what does it incarnate, it might enter into stone, inanimate, unnamed, I recognize it inside the heart, in the beloved’s tears, remains only regret, for her, obscure, I went closer, our meeting celebrated loss, and anxiety, between the two of us, marched, sentinel that now appeared, now disappeared, deep inside me a burn shone, grain of sand that wounds the eye, the tribe invited us to eat, but 21 .................

17510$ $CH1 09-16-09 10:24:22 PS PAGE 46 XXXV The hoopoe sways, on the tree beyond the world, the voice sighs, and cries, spirits separate from bodies, the breath extinguishes, I drink in ecstasy, my passion is in the unveiling, I leave the darkness, where I was prisoner, I bear witness, prostrate myself, the voice is a noise, in the city, glass quivers, autumn scorches, fire devours. 47 ................. 17510$ $CH1 09-16-09 10:24:22 PS PAGE 47 XXXVI Black, in black eyes, clouds cover the peaks, the grotto is a sleeping dragon, the seconds are shadows, that tremble, in black eyes, son of the epic, I hurtle down the paths, at the speed of lightning, I cross the guarded estate, I desecrate the village, I carry away the beloved, I enter the black, of her black eyes.

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