A Christmas Carol (Webster's Korean Thesaurus Edition) by Charles Dickens

By Charles Dickens

This version is written in English. despite the fact that, there's a operating Korean word list on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of variants of A Christmas Carol. This version will be invaluable if you happen to wou

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Deftly: 능란하게, 솜씨가 좋게. individually: 개별적으로, 하나하나, 개인적으로. negus: 니거스술, 니거스. stagger: 비틀거리다, 망설이다, 흔들리다, 엇걸림, 깜짝 놀라다, 시차방식, 어지러움, 서로 엇걸리게 배열하다, 현기, 흔들리게 하다, 주저하다. stiff: 시체, 딱딱한, 빡빡한, 독한, 강세의, 완고한, 뻣뻣한, 되게 반죽된, 딱딱한사람, 잘움직이지 않는, 경직한 팽팽한. wink: 눈짓하다, 반짝이다, 기운차게, 깜박이다, 눈깜박임, 보고도 못본체하다, 눈을 깜빡이다, 눈짓, 눈짓으로 신호하다, 깜박임, 윙크하다. " echoed Scrooge. The Spirit signed to him to listen to the two apprentices, who were pouring out their hearts in praise of Fezziwig: and when he had done so, said, "Why! Is it not? He has spent but a few pounds of your mortal money: three or four perhaps.

But soon the steeples called good people all, to church and chapel, and away they came, flocking through the streets in their best clothes, and with their gayest faces. And at the same time there emerged from scores of bye-streets, lanes, and nameless turnings, innumerable people, carrying their dinners to the bakers' shops. The sight of these poor revellers appeared to interest the Spirit very much, for he stood with Scrooge beside him in a baker's doorway, and taking off the covers as their bearers passed, sprinkled incense on their dinners from his torch.

Comely: 적당한, 알맞은, 걸맞는, 자색이고운, 아름다운, 어울리는, 얼굴이 잘생긴, 미모의, 얼굴이 잘 생긴. downcast: 풀이죽은, 파멸, 풀죽은 모습, 눈을 내리뜬, 풀죽은모습, 눈을내리뜬, 고개를숙인, 고개를 숙인, 내리뜬. heartily: 마음으로부터, 열의를 갖고, 정중히, 매우, 배불리, 마음으로, 기운차게. keepsake: 기념품, 유품, 선물용 장식책 같은, 선물용 장식책. matron: 간호 부장, 기혼 부인, 학교 여자 사감, 원장, 간호 원장, 기혼 여성. mingle: 섞다, 섞이다, 사귀다, 어울리다, 뒤섞이다. pinioned: 의 날개 끝을 자르는. ruthlessly: 무정하게, 냉혹하게, 무자비하게. tumultuous: 떠들썩한, 혼란한, 흥분한, 동요한. uproarious: 시끄러운, 몹시 떠들어대는, 떠드는, 매우 재미있는. 38 A Christmas Carol shouting and the struggling, and the onslaught that was made on the defenceless porter!

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