56.Software Engineering by John G. Webster (Editor)

By John G. Webster (Editor)

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The mouseDown handler in (a) records the vertical position of the mouse when its button is pressed. The mouseWithin handler in (b) updates the paddle location based on how far the mouse has moved vertically. The Lingo code enforcing that the paddle stays within the court has been omitted. is ever placed on the Stage, defining this behavior within either a sprite or a cast-member script would suffice. This case study uses the latter. The paddle’s-cast member script defines two event handlers: mouseDown and mouseWithin.

Although the first and last steps of the outline can each be accomplished by using a display icon, the middle three steps require that several substeps be completed, and thus, a map icon is used to represent each one of them. The result of placing these icons on the flowline is shown in Fig. 16. For the initial display icon, an image containing a map of the world’s continents is imported and associated with it. For the map icons, each one must be further refined. Question 1—Drag the Name of a Continent to Its Geographic Location.

In this example, the home stack card is entitled “Photo Album” and contains a link to each event in the album. Each event is then represented as a distinct stack containing the individual photographs. This structure is illustrated in Fig. 3. Although the album only contains a single event, additional events with their related photographs can easily be added. Each photograph entry in the album is represented using a single HyperCard card containing the following information and behaviors: • • Background Image.

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