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Aimed in the direction of someone bored with spending numerous hours education with weights and doing aerobic and with no seeing extra profits, one zero one High-Intensity exercises for speedy effects offers a life of exercises that continuously raise lean muscular tissues and decrease physique fats utilizing scientifically confirmed equipment of brief, high-intensity bouts of educating.

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What to expect. If you’ve never trained like this before, it’s important to know what you’re in for. For your first few sets, the weight may feel light or, at the very least, manageable. That should translate well into the quicker-paced reps of your first 4–5 sets. As you fatigue, your muscles WEEK TWO MONDAY MUSCLE GROUP CHEST BICEPS EXERCISE Incline Flye Barbell Curl SETS/REPS 10/10 10/10 REST 2 min. 2 min. EXERCISE Dumbbell Overhead Press Leg Press Seated Calf Raise SETS/REPS 10/10 REST 2 min.

WEEKS 1–4 WEEKS 5–8 WEEKS 9–12 DAY 1 DAY 1 DAY 1 Compulsory: Dip/Pull-Up* (10RM) Optional: Hammer Curl/Lying Triceps Extension (20RM) Compulsory: Front Squat/ Seated Cable Row (10RM) Optional: Standing Calf Raise/ Barbell Shrug (20RM) Compulsory: Chin/Front Squat (6RM) Optional: Hammer Curl/ Standing Calf Raise (16RM) DAY 2 DAY 2 DAY 2 Compulsory: Front Squat/ Barbell Push Press (10RM) Optional: Back Extension/ Hanging Leg Raise (20RM) Compulsory: Dumbbell Bench Press/Hammer Curl (10RM) Optional: Lying Triceps Extension/Reverse Curl (20RM) DAY 3 DAY 3 Compulsory: Dumbbell Overhead Press/Seated Cable Row (10RM) Optional: Reverse Curl/ Cable Crunch (16RM) Compulsory: Incline Dumbbell Press/Seated Cable Row (10RM) Optional: Barbell Curl/ Pushdown (20RM) Compulsory: Deadlift/ Chin (10RM) Optional: Exercise-Ball Crunch/ Lateral Raise (20RM) DAY 4 DAY 4 Compulsory: Deadlift/ Dumbbell Front Raise (10RM) Optional: Step-Up (right leg)/ Step-Up (left leg) (20RM) Compulsory: Dip/Barbell Curl (10RM) Optional: Back Extension/ Push-Up (20RM) DAY 3 Compulsory: Dumbbell Bench Press/Squat (10RM) Optional: Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension/Barbell Shrug (16RM) DAY 4 Compulsory: Pull-Up/Push-Up (8RM) Optional: Lunge (right leg)/ Lunge (left leg) (12RM) * If you can do more than 10 reps of dips or pull-ups, add weight; if you can’t do 10 dips or pull-ups, use an assisted dip/pull-up machine.

Think about how much more growth that lifter could coax out of those upper-chest fibers with a full 12 hard sets of one incline exercise! So don’t fret, oh mighty hater of crowds. By pumping up the volume of sets you spend on one exercise, you’ll be able to pump up your physique like never before, without having to wipe and walk every 10 minutes and without having to wait on equipment. Your training is already on blast — now it’s time to turn things up a bit. DAILY (LACK OF) VARIETY Doing various exercises for a particular bodypart is great because you get to tax the muscle from different angles and in different ways.

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